Baku Khan’s Palace Complex, which Mirza Muhammad khan built in 1750, was the residence for all subsequent rulers. After the incorporation of the Baku khanate to the Russian Empire in 1806, the bathhouse’s domes were demolished and the gaps filled with household waste. It was covered with a layer of earth and the Military Commandant’s Office was built over it to house Russian soldiers.

As part of the landscaping work that began in September 2018, the area was first cleaned, restored and conserved, and a garden combining greenery, tradition and modernity was built.

92 new trees were planted in the garden, 160 lighting poles, projectors, 27 booths and seats were installed. A green zone consisting of 2640 flowers and 4932 evergreen shrubs has been created in the total area.

Currently, the complex includes:

  • Building 1 — Baku Khan’s Palace Museum (repairing work continues)
  • Khan’s garden
  • Underground bath, XVII century
  • Medieval buildings: Reservoir (ovdan), Remains of potter’s workshop, Irrigation system.
  • Show-room of “Icherisheher” Traditional Art Center that is placed in the former Khan’s Mosque
  • Building 2 — «Baggal» exhibition and sale gallery of souvenirs and handicrafts

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