Baylar Mosque

Baylar Mosque, which was built the last (1895) in the area of Icherisheher, was restored and turned into a museum according to its purpose by “Icherisheher” State Historical-Architectural Reserve Department.

The “Sacred Relics” exposition was created in the mosque, showing a great care in religious beliefs and rituals that play an important role in the spiritual culture of people.

The exposition shows the ancient Quran-i-Karim books of various periods, which are the sacred relics of Islam. Quran-i-Karim, which is unique in terms of its essence, is a source of great energy and power that can change human life in a wink. It shows Muslims (all human beings) how to solve the constant problems of life, explains them how to live, answers all questions concerning the soul, behavior, society and individual life.

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Icherisheher (Inner City), the rarest pearl in the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people and the pride of every Azerbaijani, is the historical centre of ancient Baku, which was the capital of the Shirvanshah State. This state with its thousand years of history, symbolises Azerbaijani statehood. At the heart of Icherisheher stands Maiden Tower (Qız Qalası), one of the most spectacular and magnificent architectural monuments of Baku's historic buildings.

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