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Maiden Tower — 3D

EKM Global Consulting GmbH, Germany (www.ekmgc.de) and startuper for cultural heritage Sabina Zulalova (sabinazulalova.com) for the first time ever present Maiden Tower- architectural monument through «World Heritage 3D Scanning». On the occasion of 18 May –International Museum Day this project was implemented.   

The World Heritage 3D Scanning program is a visualization and documentation of historical monuments, where special files are created for the digital archive of cultural heritage site. A DWG file is a 3-D file for any 3-D Software.   This software stores data in digital media that can be professionally used to rebuild and restore an object if a monument or object is collapsed as a result of a cataclysm while scanning at full size. 3-D (360°) virtual tour on Maiden Tower is for the first time ever presented with information desks in two languages on all floors, a visualization of panoramic view of the city from the top of the tower and a link for virtual tour of embed code that can be placed on the website.

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