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Religious-architectural complex with arcade (Sacred place Khanagah)

Religious temples, which constitute an important part of our ancient history, have a special place among the monuments. And this was able to show itself more clearly in the example of “Icheri Sheher”. The most interesting building erected for religious purposes is Religious-architectural complex with arcade — Sacred place khanagah.

The monument was found during archaeological excavations near Maiden Tower, Baku in 1964. The monument dates back to the XII-XIII centuries.

The location of the monument on several cultural levels indicates that it is ancient and that this place has been a sacred place of worship for centuries.

More than 50 graves located near one another were found in the floor of that yard during archaeological excavations. Tombs were located in different directions. The graves towards the Kaaba (south-west) indicate that they are Muslim graves. There are also burial places before Islam among the found tombs. Both their direction and burial style confirm this. The bones in the cemetery were found as gathered on one side of the grave, and this indicates about reburial.

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